Our Story

Granny Dee’s Pierogi

Granny Dees Pierogi is the heart and soul of Denise (Kijowski) Snyder, otherwise known as…you guessed it…Granny Dees! Denise spent her Pittsburgh childhood enjoying the best traditional Eastern European foods. With a Croatian mother and a Polish father, the menu in the Kijowski household was made up of delicious from-scratch recipes passed down through the generations.

Eventually, Denise married and moved to Texas. While she enjoyed the traditional American fare that Texas had to offer, she found herself missing the rich European diet of her upbringing. That’s when she started bringing her favorite foods to Texas.

It began in the Snyder family kitchen. During the holidays, Granny Dees would cook for family and friends. Eventually, this led to requests for pierogi among extended family members. Denise found herself cooking the traditional dish more and more, until it seemed she was making it daily.

The frequent requests for pierogi led to 20 years of catering and serving Granny Dees’ European menu at festivals around Texas. Still, there was something missing.
A restaurant.

Until now.

Granny Dees Pierogi is the culmination of a life of learning, cooking, and sharing Eastern European foods. It’s not just a restaurant. It’s a place where Granny Dees gets to spread the joy, warmth, and nourishment of her family’s culture with friends, community, and travelers.

At Granny Dees Pierogi, every dish is made from scratch, with love. Come enjoy traditional Eastern European cuisine and become a part of the Granny Dees’ family..